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Crustacean Frustration


 I worked as an artist and designer on the mobile game Crustacean Frustration, a brick-breaking game in which a crab gets his revenge on partying beachgoers.

I created concept art, mockups, asset designs, animations, UI elements, marketing illustrations, and a comic that functions as an opening cinematic.

Full game available on The App Store!

Marketing Illustration

Gameplay Stills

"Spring Breaker" Brick Asset Designs

Block 2.png
Block 10.png
Block 5.png
Block 3.png
Block 7.png
Block 4.png
Block 8.png
Block 6.png
Block 9.png
Block 1.png

Selected UI Designs & Lettering Animations

UI 5.png
UI 1.png
UI 6.png
lettering animation 2.gif
lettering animation 1.gif
lettering animation 5.gif
lettering animation 4.gif
lettering animation 3.gif

Concept Art & Mockups (with assets from Mya Labrecque and Jay Lam)

Opening "Cinematic" Sequence

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